What is BSB-LAN?

BSB-LAN is a software/hardware solution for accessing the “Boiler-System-Bus” (BSB), the “Local-Process-Bus (LPB)” and the “Punkt-zu-Punkt-Schnittstelle” (PPS). The BSB-LAN hardware is available for various ESP32-based microcontrollers (ESP32 NodeMCU, Olimex EVB, Olimex POE-ISO) as well as for an Arduino Due with Ethernet shield. It allows accessing the heating systems from Atlantic, Brötje, Elco and many other manufacturers via LAN/WLAN, provided that they use one of the Siemens controllers listed below.
BSB-LAN makes it possible to monitor and control the heating system and log any given values. This project supports almost all parameters available on the heating systems and can be a more comprehensive and cost-effective alternative to the OZW 672, OCI 700 or Remocon Net B.

Optional integration into existing smart home systems such as Home Assistant, ioBroker, openHAB, Node-RED, Homebridge, Jeedom, SmartHomeNG, VolkszÀhler, FHEM, HomeMatic, Loxone, IP-Symcon or EDOMI is possible via MQTT, JSON or HTTP access. The adapter can also be used as a standalone logger without LAN or Internet connection when using a microSD card.
Temperature and humidity sensors can also be connected and their data can also be logged and analyzed. The option of integrating your own code into the BSB-LAN software also offers a wide range of expansion options.

Where and how do I begin?